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Bragging Rights


I don't believe in posting every class win; however, here are some results that I am particularly proud of and show that hard work, and culling, pay off!


I am thrilled to have achieved the standing of Number 1 exhibitor for Lilacs since 2015 and am currently Number 4 for Tans (2nd in the Black variety)!



Excited for my FIRST Lilac Best in Show  in an ALL BREED SHOW at CRCS's January Jamboree show in Cloverdale in January 2020 under Maddie Pratt with Angela, a senior doe who will get to stay around!!!  She followed up with a Reserve in Show win later that same day under Melissa Magee and an honorable mention under Alan Rafferty. 


Go Rare Breeds!

BIS Maddie Lilac 2019.jpg
RIS Melissa Lilac 2019.jpg
Josh Loki Win.jpg
Angela Rare Breed BIS.jpg

Cal State Convetion 2020 offered some recognition for Rare Breeds!  Thrilled to win Best of Group and Reserve in Show in the Convention Show with Loki my Lilac senior buck under Josh Humphries.  Angela, my Lilac senior doe, brought home Best in Show in the Rare Breed Show on Saturday and Reserve in Show in the Rare Breed Show on Sunday.  

Angela Maddie Win.jpg

CRCS's Leap Year show in February continued the winning streak for Rare Breeds!  Angela, Lilac senior doe, brought home a Best in Show win under Maddie Pratt and a Reserve in Show under Alan Rafferty.  Can't wait to breed this pretty lady!

Angela Rafferty Win.jpg
King City Win_edited.jpg

Pleased to take home a Reserve in Show with Rye a well-typed junior buck in King City in September 2019.  Thanks to Randy Shumaker for making him breed winner and Misty Polasik for granting him Reserve in Show.  This guy gets to go to convention in Reno!


New York Sour took home a Best in Show win under judge Misty Polasik in January 2020!  

Mad Cow Win.jpg

Mad Cow - an awesome little buck out of a shared breeding with Joe Kim - took Reserve In Show in July 2018 in Monterey under Chris Zemny after having won Best In Show at Tan Specialty shows the day before under Josh Humphries and Allen Mesick!   The little guy capped his show career with a Best In Show at the Sonoma County Fair in August under Armando Cabrera - Four years after my first Tan Best In Show win at the same show!   

Reno Win.jpg

A Great Gift!  Reserve in Show in Reno in June 2018 under Kendal Bledsoe with this great little black buck ... a gift from Joe Kim after he won a BIS for Joe under Chris Zemny!  Now that's  true rabbit friend!!!

Hot Damn Win #3.jpg

Double Reserve in Show at the Reno CRCS show October 6 , 2018 with Hot Damn!  This little guy is out of a shared breeding with Joe Kim  (his buck, my doe) and is a convention hopeful!  Thanks to Ryan Harrah and Scott Rodriquez for recognizing his qualities!

Hot Damn Win #2.jpg

Ricochet Rabbits ended the 2016 show season with a bang!  Double Best in Shows with French 75 under judges Allen Mesick & Doug King in Hollister!

Ricochet Rabbits Backfire wins Reserve Best in Show under Judge Chris Zemny at the 2016 CRCS Show in Gridley!

Ricochet Rabbits Dirty Martini wins Reserve Best in Show under Judge Cheryl Blackman from Texas at the 2015 Grand National Exposition & Stock Show at the historic Cow Palace in San Francisco!  Portland Convention ... here we come!!!

French 75 continued his winning streak ending 2016 with THREE Best in Shows thanks to Judge Tara Parker from Oklahoma at the Red Bluff Holiday Weekend in December!

California Cottontails's Falene wins Reserve in Show under visiting Judge Ted Deloyola at the 2014 Napa Winter Show!

Thrilled to win Best of Breed Lilac at the 2016 ARBA Convention in San Diego, California under judge Maddie Pratt!

Ricochet Rabbits Cosmo wins Best in Show under Judge Armando Cabrera at the 2014 Sonoma County Fair!

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