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Raised as Richochet Rabbits, Tans take up about half of my barn.  I raise only black and chocolate varieties.  My herd comes from Allen Mesick, a well-respected and favorite rabbit judge.  His original lines are from Joe Kim (who is widely credited with improving the breed in the 1990's and 2000's and is the only breeder to ever take top honors of Best in Show at the ARBA National Convention in Wichita in 2003) and Kelly Flynn.  In recent years I have worked with Joe Kim as a mentor to improve my herd and now many of my top brood and show animals are from shared breedings.


Tan's are a marked running breed and are shown moving on the table; therefore, pictures are not posed but rather shots of the animal while moving.  Tans are also known to be an excellent breed for those participating in the new "sport" of rabbit hopping! While I raise excellent show-quality animals I AM NOT a photographer.  These pictures do not do these animals justice!  


These photos of some of my animals were taken by Allen Mesick, respected judge and our mentor in Tans, at a show in October 2015 and show their true quality and beauty!


Black Senior Doe - 3 Legs
Born:  8/23/2016
Weight:  4.00
Allen's Cosmo X RR's Blindfold
Black Senior Doe - 3 legs
Born:  8/28/2017
Weight:  4.08
Import 16B01849 X RR's IPA
Black Junior Doe - 1 Leg
Born:  7/4/2019
RR's Mad Cow X Malibu JKD5
Chocolate Senior Doe - 2 Legs
Born:  6/21/2019
Malibu JK1H X RR's Mad Hatter
Bloody Mary
Black Senior Doe - 3 legs
Born:  1/19/2019
Weight:  4.08
RR's Mad Cow X RR's Bellini
Mad Hatter.jpg
Mad Hatter
Black Senior Doe - 4 Legs
Born: 4/22/2018
Weight:  4.00
Malibu JK01H X RR's Rebel Yell
Ginger Mule
Black Senior Doe - 9 legs
Born:  6/20/2017
Weight:  4.00
Allen's Cosmo X RR's Rebel Yell
Jack Rose_edited.jpg
Jack Rose
Black Senior Doe - 5 legs
Born:  6/25/2019
RR's Hot Damn X RR's No Toes
Pink Fix__edited.jpg
Pink Fix
Black Senior Doe - 2 Legs
Born:  6/25/2019
Malibu JK8M X RR's Corona
Chocolate Senior Doe - 2 legs
Born:  3/13/2018
Weight:  4.04
RR's Mudslide X Malibu JK04H
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