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The Rabbits



Tans are a marked breed that show moving freely on the table.  They are known for their distinct coloring and have specific marking requirements in their standard.  Richochet Rabbits raises Tans in Black, Chocolate and Blue.  At maturity they are 4-6 pounds.  They are an active breed that require minimal cage space and feed requirements.  They can be good pets for someone not looking for a cuddly bunny.  Tans are also an excellent breed for those interested in the new "sport" of rabbit hopping!



Lilacs are a rare breed but are becoming more common on show tables in Northern California.  They are on the American Livestock Conservancy "watch" list.  A "standard" breed, Lilac's come in only the lovely dove gray color and range from 6-8 pounds.  They make excellent show rabbits and pets as well as meat rabbits.

California Cottontails and Ricochet Rabbits are rabbitries registered with the American Rabbit Breeders Association.  It's operator, Kelly HInde, has been an ARBA member since 2005.  Kelly is also Secretary of the California State Rabbit and Cavy Breeders Assocation ; a member of the  American Tan Rabbit Specialty Club and the regional High Sierra Tan Rabbit Club (of which Kelly is the Secretary/Treasurer).  Kelly currently serves as Vice President of the National Lilac Rabbit Club of America of which she is also a member and is a member of California Rabbit and Cavy Shows (for which she serves as Secretary).  She occasionally serves as Show Secretary for local shows and fairs. Click the images below to visit the websites for each club.

In 2014 Kelly and her friend, Sara Glashan, established Richochet Rabbitry as they expanded their Tan project. Although Sara has moved onto the world of dairy goats, Kelly's increasing herd includes blacks and chocolates. As Richochet Rabbits she actively show Tans throughout Northern California and are seeing a lot of success out of the project, often earning Best of Breed, Best of Show and Reserve in Show awards.  Richochet's first Best in Show at the Sonoma County Fair with a Black Junior Buck in August 2014 and was repeated again in August 2018.  Kelly has gone on to other Reserve and Best in Show wins, most notably three Best in Show wins with French 75 ... an awesome Black Junior Buck who is now the main herd buck in the rabbitry.

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